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Environmental Services ...

Austin James Associates, Inc. (AJA) was founded for the sole purpose of participating in the environmental industry and providing value added service for the environmental market. We provide innovative and more cost effective solutions because we are resourceful, honest and competent. Through our work and experience within the industry over twelve years, we have developed a proven track record, developed a strong customer base and we are recognized nationally for our achievements. Our services include, but not limited to the following:

  • USTIF Claims Assistance
  • UST Removal Services
  • Air Rotary Drilling Services (IR-T3W)
  • Site Assessments, Property Condition Surveys & Subsurface Characterizations
  • Hydrogeologic Investigations
  • Fate & Transport, and Risk Assessment Analyses (FT/RA)
  • Design, Installation, and Operation of comprehensive Remedial Systems
  • On-Site Steam Regeneration of Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Units
  • Pump Testing for Hydraulic Parameter Determination
  • Remedial Technology Pilot Testing
  • Regulatory Negotiation and Compliance
  • Guidance on State and Federal Regulatory Requirements
  • Real Estate Tranfer Assessments
  • Legal Support/Expert Witness Testimony
  • Installation and Permitting of Public Water Supply Wells
  • Permitting of Air and Water Remedial Systems
  • Underground Storage Tank Removals
  • Development of Innovative Site Closure Solutions
  • 3rd Party Review of existing/pending remedial programs
Closure Without Remediation ...

In cases where contamination is present but not excessive based on the results of a Site Characterization Report, it is often possible to pursue site closure using a combination of fate & transport and risk assessment evaluations & modeling. AJA's experienced staff is proficient at performing these evaluations and has been successful n working with our clients and regulatory personnel to find agreeable alternatives in order to avoid the implementation of active remediation at sites where effective alternatives are feasible.

When Remediation is Required ...

When remediation is necessary, AJA recognizes the value of getting your site to closure in a timely fashion and focuses on that goal. We custom design our remedial applications (often incorporating pre-piped and trailer enclosed equipment) with appropriate power, efficiency and flexibility to provide the most cost effective total cleanup solutions in the industry.




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