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Air Rotary Drilling Services ...

Austin James Associates, Inc. (AJA)'s - acquisition of air rotary drilling capability in 200_(IR-T3W rig) was essentially a logistical necessity to keep up with the combination of site characterization (monitoring well) installations and the uncompromising remedial installations, which had been a trademark of AJA's work for many years. Having worked effectively with some well qualified subcontracted drillers, AJA found that the consistently high quality, coupled with rapid response capability when using AJA's in-house staff and drilling crew allowed us to serve our clients more efficiently and cost effectively. In-house air rotary drilling capability also promotes the kind of open and direct communication between all involved personnel and the overseeing Professional Geologists to help insure that the results best serve the project needs.

Capabilities include:

  • Installation of monitoring wells
  • Installation of dual screened applications such as sparge/vent treatment points & piezometers
  • Commercial water supply well installation (depths up to 800 feet)
Additional In-House Equipment ...

AJA's in-house equipment also includes a small fleet of well-powered pre-

piped remedial trailers, a trailer enclosed mobile stream regeneration system available for stream regeneration of 2000 lb. carbon vessels (cost savings vs. standard dispose/replace practice), a backhoe, a skid steer, 60 KW and 175 KW three-phase diesel generators (for short-term operations or when a 3-phase power drop is not feasible), and a large number of 2000 lb. capacity vapor phase GAC units specially designed by AJA ("false floor" with stainless steel mesh for even flow distribution and low pressure drop, 6" in/out quick connect ports, and separate ports for steam regeneration) to minimize O&M costs and maximize energy efficiency.





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