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Company Background ...

Austin James Associates, Inc. (AJA) was founded in 1992 by Curtis M. Herman, PG to provide professional environmental consulting services to assess and remediate sites impacted by petroleum products such as gasoline and diesel fuel, as well as solvents and other hazardous materials in the most efficient, timely and cost effective manner possible. The company is headquartered in the scenic Pocono Mountain Region of northeaster PA and maintains a highly qualified, experienced, and friendly professional and technical staff.

With a core project base (and over 175 sites already closed) throughout central and eastern Pennsylvania, AJA's project work has also extended into western PA, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey. AJA's clientele has included many individual gas station owners/operators, as well as owners of multiple gas stations, small to mid-size industrial facilities, petroleum storage and distribution facilities, resorts, municipal entities, and law firms.

AJA has achieved closure at over 175 sites, including many remedial projects trasferred to us because existing remedial efforts were"stalled" with no prospect for meeting regulatory criteria for closure within a reasonable period of time or at a reasonable cost. AJA's reputation for taking stalled and difficult sites to closure has resulted in a substantial amount of repeat and referral business over the years as well as a respectful working  relationship with regulatory personnel

(including PaDEP case managers) and the Pennsylvania Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund (PA USTIF).

For sites requiring remediation, AJA excels at providing the most cost effective rapid, turnkey, remedial solutions geared to the unique circumstances for each project. Remedial applications range from limited or completed excavation to the installation, and  operation of powerful, efficient, highly effective, robust, and innovative air sparging and soil vapor extaction systems.

AJA has gained a reputation for remediating gasoline and diesel affected properties more quickly than others and for successfully completing remediation (sufficient to meet regulatory closure criteria) under difficult circumstances where others are prone to fail. Circumstances that can make remediation difficult  including large hydrocarbon release volumes, the presence of separate phase liquid (SPL) hydrocarbons floating on the water table, large permeability variations within the zone of impact, low permeability/clayey soils, larger than normal water table fluctuations resulting in substantial hydrocarbon "smearing," and various combinations of the above.

A large and expanding number of successful closures allows AJA to take on new challenges and projects more quickly than those utilizing less efficient, slower methods. This rapid project completion approach also allows AJA to further optimize & improve upon the industry leading strategies among techniques we already apply while continuing to re-evaluate them relative to the universe of alternatives and various technology combinations as they evolve. This commitment to continuous improvement, has allowed AJA to contribute to  number of technological advancements and environmental consulting industry improvement initiatives including several developed in conj also provides consulting services to the Pa USTIF.

In maintaining a results oriented approach, AJA has not only continued to improve our highly successful remedial strategies, equipment and techniques, but also our ability to provide them quickly, on a turnkey basis.

Our Mission ...

AJA is committed to providing efficient, timely and couteous service in a

safe working environment while applying our diverse technical and project

management skills inachieving cost-effective solutions for our customers. 

We seek to develop and refine the most effective remedial alternatives

available, and our work is driven by enthusiasm, discipline, and a

commitment to continuous improvement. We pursue our client's best interest

with competency, integrity and the highest ethical standards. The company

continues to broaden its scope of environmental and related services. The

company continues to broaden its scope of Environmental Services.

Company Objectives ...

AJA was founded for the sole purpose of participating in the environmental

industry and providing value added service for the environmental market.

We provide innovative and more cost effective solutions because we are

resourceful, competent and honest. Through our work and experience

within the industry over twelve years, we have developed a proven track

record and a strong customer base.

Austin James Associates, Inc. guiding principles are:

  • A strong commitment to site safety.
  • Knowledge of customer needs.
  • Knowledge of technical and regulatory issues.
  • Innovative high performance standards.
  • Effecient and courteous service.

The geografic scope of the business is regional, providing services in

Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Maryland. We provide

turnkey environmental services within the focused business area always

following DEP guidelines, standards, and procedures.









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